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  • Does Solon Collision work with my insurance company?
    Yes! We work with all insurance companies. Although some may say that you need to take it to a particular shop, that isn't the case. As a consumer, you have the right of choice to take your vehicle to a shop you trust!
  • My vehicle is still drivable. Should I get my rental before the repairs are started?
    Our process differs from some other shops. We try to order as many of the parts that we know will need to be replaced to avoid backorders. That said, our recommendation is to drive your vehicle until it needs to be dropped off so that you don't get stuck with any overages on a rental bill.
  • How many estimates do I need?
    The days of getting 3 estimates are past us. Depending on the estimator, they may miss damage or certain required operations in their initial estimate and they'll get those missed items buttoned up when converting the estimate to a repair plan after the vehicle is on site. This might seem that another shop is more cost-effective but at the end of the day, most shops will have a repair plan that has a similar cost by the time the repairs are completed. If you get another estimate, we'll be happy to walk through theirs and compare it to ours with you.
  • Do I need an appointment?
    We suggest calling ahead and scheduling your estimate but it is not required.
  • How long will my repairs take?
    This completely depends on the complexity of the repairs, availability of parts and materials, your insurance company policies, and much more. We can provide a rough estimate of length during the estimate process but this does not include the time it may take for any additional damage repairs found in our blueprint process.
  • What happens if additional damage is found during the blueprinting process?
    Unfortunately, we still are waiting on our x-ray glasses to arrive so we can see damage behind body panels. Until then, the first process we complete after vehicle arrival is a blueprinting process in which we dismantle the damaged area to find any additional parts or labor needed to repair your vehicle properly. If we find additional items, we will submit documentation, invoices, and picture to your insurance company or you directly if paying out of pocket.
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